Full Custom Sticker

Here's a full custom die-cut sticker...or rather a pack of them.  I believe these were ordered as a thank you gift.  A pretty nice thank you gift if I do say so myself.

Custom 2B day planner

This was a first for us.  This customer's fiance likes day planners, so he wanted to get one with their images on it.  He found the site that made planners with custom covers.

This was our first time working with this online company.  Their ordering process was a bit messy.  Unlike other custom sites that we've worked with, they didn't offer an option to adjust our image on the cover.  That was a bit worrisome.  We just had to set up the file for the proportions the customer wanted and hoped the cover came out at the same settings.  We aren't comfortable with the lack of control over image details on our custom orders, but this is what it came down to.  In the end, the planner came out as the customer wanted.  Success!!