2B Lopez!

Dude!  George Lopez uses his 2B as his Twitter pic!  A friend of ours informed us of this super cool happening.  

We sent Mr. Lopez a custom shirt back when he had his show to show our appreciation for his comedic stylings.  We never knew if it actually got to the man himself.  It's great to see that not only did he get it, but he actually likes it enough use it to represent him on Twitter.  

Mr. GLo, if you're reading this and would like some more 2Bness in your life, have your people contact our people...and by "our people" I mean just email us.  Glad you liked your 2B!

Gong Hey Faht Choy ya'll!

Happy Chinese new year ya'll!  Year of the black water snake.

May the year of the snake bring you good health, great fortune, and happiness!