Happy Halloween!

Hi all!  We're still around and kicking.  Things have gotten a little busy, so the blog has suffered.  Thanks for sticking in there with us.  I hope you all have a great spooky Halloween.  Here's a little Zombified 2B for ya!

Yah, that's a chocolate covered brain.  Heehee!  Couldn't resist.  Go get your freak on! 

Hair luvin!

If you had a little poof with some hot streaks, why wouldn't you?  Gots to heart your hair! 

2B ToughPig!

Here's a fully custom design we created for the 10th anniversary celebration of ToughPigs.com. Check out the art created for this event at ToughPigs Art: 10 Years of ToughPigs.

We were honored to be asked to create a fully custom design for this great achievement. We seemed to have missed the mark since we decided to go with the "tough pig" idea and not a muppet theme tho... BUT, the great thing about this is that we can offer you this design on t-shirts, tote bags, prints, or whatever you can think of without answering to muppet mother companies. So, if you're interested, just shoot us a request at wachuwant@my2bs.com and we'll guide you in from there.

2B for a fan

Here's a design we did a little while back for a Jets fan. J-E-T-S!!

Another happy customer!

This is bebe de Giao, Violet. Very cute! Thanks for the pic, Giao!

2BCoco in CocoMoCA!

We made a little something for COCOMoCA. Conan Obrien's virtual art gallery.
Click here to check out the post. And, if you have a Facebook account, like it and help the piece move up the ranks. If you don't have Facebook account... we can't help you...

More 2B Cubee

As promised, here are a couple shots of the Cubee we did for the Cubeecraft show.

I did a little Bruce action. Simplified the Cubeecraft's structure to better resemble the form of a 2B. Basically, took off the arms and legs. Then, not having worked in paper before, began figuring how things fit.

At first I had him barefoot. But, after taking a closer look, I realized he had yellow sneaks on. It was last minute, but I had to make the fix. Just couldn't leave Bruce shoeless. I didn't make them exact, but close enough.

For the final touch, I followed Chris' recommendation, and left off the bottom for a more stable stance and added a little 2B extra on the bottom. There you have it. The first 2B Cubee!

Thanks to Cubeecraft and Chris for letting us take part!

2B Cubee!

We're still here. Just life gets busy and unfortunately passions take a hit. Anyway, we're still trucking along. Here's a little piece we did for our buddy Chris at CubeeCraft. He approached us about doing a custom piece for a upcoming CubeeCraft show. Of course, we wanted to participate. Here's a preview of the Cubee we 2B-ized!

We at 2B haven't worked in paper before, so this was our virgin run. More complicated than we thought it would be... and our's was waaaay simple. It was fun to put the piece together and see a 2B in Cubee form. Our 2B Cubee also has a little hidden 2B-ness to it. Stop by the show and check it out!

Side note, we were very impressed by the snapping action of the CubeeCraft template. Nice work, Chris!

Check out his show if you're in the Philly area. It opens on Friday May 6th at Brave New Worlds, 45 N. 2nd Street, Philadelphia, PA. Chris will be there signing Batman: Built for Action. Stop in and tell him you're a fan of 2B. You won't get anything, but he might be more friendly to you... just might.

2B custom tote

Here's one of our customizable totes. Just $25! Thought the green in the design was appropriate for the spirit of today. Happy St. Patty's day you green wearin, drink havin, loud yellin, drunk fightin, overly aggressive individuals! Get your drink on! Just don't throw up on me...

This lovely custom 2B tote was ordered by a white chic that wants to stay gangsta fo'life. You go on wit yo bad self! Seriously tho, thanks Livia!

Existing 2B

Here's another one of those ideas that we loved. A cupcake loving skelly.

Very cute! Nicely done Theresa! This little design was made from combining a couple of our existing designs. Take a few minutes to check out the designs and put together a fun design of your own.

Kind of custom 2B

This was a semi-custom 2B design. The character was an existing 2B (added a goatee) and the bacon was doubled up (the only way to have bacon). BAM! Easy customized one of a kind 2B design!

Cute idea, Mary! Nicely done! Hope the hubby enjoyed his customized 2B shirt!

Gung Hay Faht Choy!!

Happy year of the rabbit everyone!! To all that are celebrating, hope you're all enjoying the festivities with your families and friends. Feast, laugh, and let the red packets fly!

May this year bring you great health, great joy, and great fortune!! Go get yours! Cheers!

Colourful Money Collab!

Here at 2B we are always looking for a great collaboration project. We love infecting your world with 2B... hmmm, doesn't quite sound right... This time we collaborated with apparel company Colourful Money.

On the front, you have the 2B-ized version of Colourful Money's character Hanzo(Baby Hanzo in this project).

And, on the back, you have our collab logo. The 2B logo with Colourful Money's Hanzo ears.

Keep an eye out. These shirts should be released soon. They are initially going to be released in kid sizes only. In red(my fav), black, blue, and brown colors. Check out Colourful Money's shop to pick up your very own 2B Baby Hanzo.

Custom 2B!

Cute custom of a girl thinking of sushi. We found out it was supposed to be spam sushi. We designed the sushi after tuna... but it does look like spam, doesn't it?

Cute idea Lisa!

Happy 2011!!

Happy 2011 everyone! 2010 was a busy year. So much so that we didn't get a chance to post most of the projects we were working on. So, we're going to try to be better about that. So, to start it off, this was one of my personal favorite ideas of last year.

A ninja with a pink cat. How awesome is that? The contrast is wonderful. Great idea Karen!