2B full custom

Here's the full image of the sneak peek that we previously teased.

This was a full custom request made by one of our very own 2B nation members. She wanted a design for her and her boyfriend. How cute! Last I heard, they both enjoyed the design. Thanks, Josephine!

Family Reunion

This is what we've been working on for the past month or so. A 2B family reunion for the Tsang family. It was more work than we expected. A lot of eyeball to screen time... with TV running in the background. Some of the designs revealed themselves, while others were a fight all the way through.

This was the initial design. We went with the straight forward family tree set up. But, this turned out to be problematic because it was too wide to be printed on some items.

After some thought we came up with this circular family tree. This worked a lot better. And, visually, I think its pretty neat.

Plus, we did a family cluster. The spacing was not as smooth as we'd like, but it works out.

Sneak peek

Here's a little sneak peak at what we're working on by requests from one of our 2Bnation friends. As soon as they commissioned us for this design, we were excited to take a stab at it.

We're sure most of you already know what it is. Don't spoil if for the others. And, if you don't, shame on you. Go study up on your nerd-dom!

2B in Greece!

Anyone that has picked up their very own 2B item can send in their images of their 2B in action. We might even post it... if its not obscene...

This is 2B in Greece. Looks like that 2B had a great vacation. Thanks, June!