We made our first 2B with a hijab. 
Never thought of the headscarf before for a 2B.  Thanks Zainab! 

Daily 2B

We scored some tickets to the Daily Show with Jon Stewart recently, so of course we had to make a custom just for the occasion.  

You usually don't know who the guest on the show you will be attending is until the week of.  We checked early in the week and they had not posted the guest yet.  We got worried that someone good cancelled and they were scrambling to replace them.  On Tues we found out that Bill Clinton was the guest.  Nice!  So that is how the idea of putting 2B Jon Stewart into a little "seal" came about.  There was also a thought bubble version of 2B Jon...but we couldn't come up with anything for his thought bubble.

2B Engagement

Congrats to Josephine and Henry...on their great looking shirts! 

Oh, and on their engagement too!  Thanks for including us in your wonderful day.  You guys are too cute!

2B Jabbawockeez!

This is a full custom 2B shirt we did for a fan of the Jabbawockeez.

The young man was even training to be in a crew.  He was quite good actually.  The "B" stands for the first letter of the young man's name.  Good luck to you little man!


Here is the second design we did inspired by our excitement for the Avengers movie.  
As you can see in the designs, we took a little from the old and a little from the new.  We wanted to be accurate to the movie, but also wanted to represent the characters in their classic gear that we've known and loved...and of course the Samuel L Jackson Nick Fury.  Enjoy the Avenger-full weekend!

Avengers love

For the excitement of the upcoming or playing (depending on where you are) Avengers flick, we had to give our solute 2B style.  

This is one of two designs we did.  The second will be revealed shortly.  Stay tuned!

2B LIN!!

Got Linsanity?  Are you jumping on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon?  Are you just proud of the Asian brother?  We here at 2Bs are guilty of all three!  So much so that we just had to put out a custom 2B Lin design. 

Are you going to the game and want a shirt that will stand out from the thousands of Lin jerseys?  Wanna show your support, but can't find a jersey or don't want to wear a jersey like a wanna be baller?  Or better yet, you want a unique shirt to show your excitement for the underdog rippin it up in the NBA?

This is the shirt you want.  We have them in black or white.  Just shoot us an email to wachuwant@my2bs.com and we'll set you up with one of these Lin-tastic shirts.  Yeah, we said it.  Lin-tastic!  Just so proud of the guy. 

Here's a closer look at the design.  The design is also available as a print and on other products.  Just email us for details. 

Happy Chinese New Year!

Hi y'all!  Happy Lunar new year!  To all of you that are celebrating this joyous time of year, may you be enjoying your time with family and friends.  
May the year of the dragon be a happy, healthy, and prosperous one for you all! Happy year of the dragon!!