2B Reveal

This is one of the pieces we sneak peeked earlier in our posts. It was requested by one of our 2Bnation members. Nice idea, Janie.

It's a designer and his product. I honestly would not have recognized the guy if someone didn't tell me about him. I know, lame. But, he was a fun character to make. The bag was a bit of challenge, but I think it worked out. Enjoy!

2Bs in action

Here are some pics (thanks to Ian Monsod) of the Sesame corporate challenge team sporting the previously mentioned shirt.

Nice team shot with brand new shirts all neat and clean. I bet they even had that new shirt smell...

Always important to stretch... what's that guy on the right doing? That's doesn't look like stretching. Eh, he's not part of Sesame's team anyway.

A few of team Sesame in the challenge. Yeah, I think Sesame had the best shirts. Who's with me?

2B Sesame

Sesame takes part in an event called the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge every year. It's an event where company employees walk/run a 5K route with tens of thousands of other runners from other companies in the New York area. The event benefits many non-for-profit organizations throughout the city.

This year we designed their shirts for their run. We heard there were many jealous reactions as they made their way through the 5K. Nice!

2B in action

This is one of the earliest character that we made while playing with the 2B designs.

We were playing around to see how adaptable the style was. And, to our surprise, it was VERY adaptable. We haven't come across a character we couldn't adapt... yet. Tell me that Maul ain't cute with his glowing red evilness.

2b Texture Culture design

This is a little something we made for our friends at TextureCulture.com.

They were good enough to give us some coverage and lead a ton of people to our Facebook page, so we made them a little something for their character Lemi.

Sneak Peek time!

For most that see this, they will have no idea what this is. But, for those few, I hope you enjoy the possibilities.

This was a design was a bit of a challenge to figure out, but I think its getting there.