Merry 2BChristmas!!

Here at 2Bs we've been doing the hard work of Christmas elves this year. We'll post some of our Christmas creations in the new year. Stay tuned...

But, for now, we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Troy and Abed on a t-shirt!

I realized that we never posted the actual pictures that we took of the shirts we made for Danny (Abed) and Donald (Troy). So, here you go.

Of course, we did a little special packaging for them. A little Troy and Abed on the packaging(spoken like the jingle).

Here's the Abed thinking of Troy shirt.

And, Troy thinking of Abed. Some people work better than others. Both Danny and Donald were easy to 2B-ize.

On the road again...

Here's a little peak into our real world. This was my work space as I was in Jakarta.

Not too shabby. Actually, very comfortable. I hung out at the hotel working on 2B designs as my wife went off to work meetings. And, I even met up with Eric Wirjanata (Thunderpanda) on one of my days there. Good times!


In anticipation of Conan's return, we at 2B (2Bnation) had to express our excitement by creating our very own 2B Conan. Congratulations on the new show! And, welcome back, Conan and crew! We missed you!

Plus, for those that don't know, there is a show zero online tonight(Nov. 1, 2010) at 11pm. Check it out!

Full custom 2B

Here's a full custom 2B design we created for Matt. Custom character and thought bubble item.

I think Matt enjoys himself some vacationing. Enjoy!

Fully Custom 2B!

This is a fully custom piece we designed for a couple that just got themselves happily hitched.

Yes, we actually gave them smiley eyes. We usually avoid using smiley eyes because our character are supposed to have a neutral feel, but a neutral feel didn't seem right for this occasion. So, smiley eyes it was.

Congrats Vanessa and Justin! May smiley eyes be your base expression in your marriage!

Calvin and Hobbes!

I was informed about this little Calvin and Hobbes art contest. It was held by this blog Super Punch (love the name). This was a last minute project because I didn't know about it in previous minutes...

So, this is the result of a intense 2b mind ephing. Out popped 2B Calvin and Hobbes. Enjoy!

Full Custom 2Bs!!!

We've been working hard on a lot of 2B goodness. Surprisingly, we've been getting a lot of fully customized 2B requests. Initially, we didn't attempt this option due to the fact that designing 2Bs takes a lot of time. And, the time to money equation just wasn't working out. BUT, the requests kept coming. So, due to the demand and how our upbringing has forced us to crave pleasing people, we are officially launching our "full custom" option. Below, you'll see some examples of the full custom 2Bs we've made. Everything from favorite characters to artist's own characters to joyous announcements to celebratory milestones and more!

Through our experience designing for so many occasions, we've found that the 2B style is highly adaptable... and damn cute if we do say so ourselves. So, are you craving more 2B in your life? Of course, you are! Ever wonder how you'd look as a 2B? Of course, you have! Then, you're in luck! This is what you've been waiting for. Check out our "full custom" page and shoot us an email. We'll walk you through everything. Don't wait too long. This option may no last forever.

2B Background!

We're playing around with backgrounds. This one is on the iPhone 4. We like it. What do you think? Go to our Facebook page and voice your opinion.

Yes, I still have the plastic screen protector on the phone. It's brand new! And, I'm still waiting for the bumper... Okay, so I'm that person... the backgrounds cool tho, right?

2010 Comic Con 2B shirts

Comic Con was insane. The craziest thing we did there was wait in a huge line to get a ticket to get in another line... That's crazy, right? At least we got our exclusive Transformer out of it. :) Well, here are the 2B shirts that were worn at Comic Con this year.

Yep, that's me... thinking of myself... in a super hero outfit. Hell's yeah!!

We've been wanting to make a logo shirt for while now. Figured this was as good a time as any other. BAM! Logo shirt. The letters have a pattern of characters tossed within them.

And, of course, single character shirt. 2B Batman.

2B shirts for the Con

Sneak peek revealed! Out of respect for the man that had so much to do with creating so many of our favorite super heroes, we designed 2B Stan to walk SDCC with. And, of course, some of his most popular characters are in his thought bubble.

Those that got a good look at it asked about it. Some were even awesome artists. Niiice!

2B at Comic Con!

We were wondering around aimlessly in Comic Con because it was our first time there. Totally overwhelmed by the insanity of the whole situation. BAM!! We came across someone sporting our 2B Ninjy! Didn't expect it at all.

Woot! 2B representin at the 2010 SDCC!!

Sneak Peek!

2B will be at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) this year... well not representing at a booth. But, we will be there in person checking out the comic book craziness and do a little/a lot of geeking out ourselves. Here's a little sneak peek to one of the designs we'll be wearing.

To those that are comic book fans, this design will be very obvious. There are actually six characters in the thought bubble. It just had to be done. If you see us at SDCC, say hi!

2B Reveal

This is one of the pieces we sneak peeked earlier in our posts. It was requested by one of our 2Bnation members. Nice idea, Janie.

It's a designer and his product. I honestly would not have recognized the guy if someone didn't tell me about him. I know, lame. But, he was a fun character to make. The bag was a bit of challenge, but I think it worked out. Enjoy!

2Bs in action

Here are some pics (thanks to Ian Monsod) of the Sesame corporate challenge team sporting the previously mentioned shirt.

Nice team shot with brand new shirts all neat and clean. I bet they even had that new shirt smell...

Always important to stretch... what's that guy on the right doing? That's doesn't look like stretching. Eh, he's not part of Sesame's team anyway.

A few of team Sesame in the challenge. Yeah, I think Sesame had the best shirts. Who's with me?

2B Sesame

Sesame takes part in an event called the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge every year. It's an event where company employees walk/run a 5K route with tens of thousands of other runners from other companies in the New York area. The event benefits many non-for-profit organizations throughout the city.

This year we designed their shirts for their run. We heard there were many jealous reactions as they made their way through the 5K. Nice!

2B in action

This is one of the earliest character that we made while playing with the 2B designs.

We were playing around to see how adaptable the style was. And, to our surprise, it was VERY adaptable. We haven't come across a character we couldn't adapt... yet. Tell me that Maul ain't cute with his glowing red evilness.

2b Texture Culture design

This is a little something we made for our friends at

They were good enough to give us some coverage and lead a ton of people to our Facebook page, so we made them a little something for their character Lemi.

Sneak Peek time!

For most that see this, they will have no idea what this is. But, for those few, I hope you enjoy the possibilities.

This was a design was a bit of a challenge to figure out, but I think its getting there.

2B full custom

Here's the full image of the sneak peek that we previously teased.

This was a full custom request made by one of our very own 2B nation members. She wanted a design for her and her boyfriend. How cute! Last I heard, they both enjoyed the design. Thanks, Josephine!

Family Reunion

This is what we've been working on for the past month or so. A 2B family reunion for the Tsang family. It was more work than we expected. A lot of eyeball to screen time... with TV running in the background. Some of the designs revealed themselves, while others were a fight all the way through.

This was the initial design. We went with the straight forward family tree set up. But, this turned out to be problematic because it was too wide to be printed on some items.

After some thought we came up with this circular family tree. This worked a lot better. And, visually, I think its pretty neat.

Plus, we did a family cluster. The spacing was not as smooth as we'd like, but it works out.

Sneak peek

Here's a little sneak peak at what we're working on by requests from one of our 2Bnation friends. As soon as they commissioned us for this design, we were excited to take a stab at it.

We're sure most of you already know what it is. Don't spoil if for the others. And, if you don't, shame on you. Go study up on your nerd-dom!

2B in Greece!

Anyone that has picked up their very own 2B item can send in their images of their 2B in action. We might even post it... if its not obscene...

This is 2B in Greece. Looks like that 2B had a great vacation. Thanks, June!

New design in store!

A new design has been added to the Cafepress store!

This is the Asian Chic. We know that the Asian chics have been a very popular choice for many years. And, they've seem to become more popular as time goes on. So, here's one for all of you that appreciate the Asian chic. The design is made with the white dude, but can be customized with any other color of dude as well. Or, even other chics.

Recent Custom!

Here's one of our latest custom bags. This was a custom design for Christina. She makes custom cakes!

Cute design Christina!

New products!

Calling all you baby mamas, baby daddies, and those that know baby mamas and daddies! We just added some new designs for you in our Cafepress store.

Babies with bottles. Baby with boob is still available, but this is for the parents that are going the way of the bottle. We've placed the designs on bibs, onesies, baby Ts, and bags (for all those baby supplies). We've got you covered! Come by! Check em out!

2B news!

First off, we are now 2Bnation on Facebook! Our address is Tell your friends, family, acquaintances, strangers, pets... scratch that last one. Everyone else! Come join us for a laugh and some deep discussion... mostly laughs...

Here's one of our latest bags. Super cute design, Karen!


Hello and welcome to the brand spanking new home of the 2Bs!

We finally got our act together and put one of these puppies up. We're still working on it. Playing with widgets and sprucing the place up, so you'll see changes here and there. But, the important stuff is all there. So, please, come in and make yourself at home. Sit back. Take your shoes off... maybe you should leave those on. Poke around check the place out. We have our "2Bs in action" pics to look at and our Cafepress store for you to mosey through. ALSO, be sure to join us at our Facebook page (launching very soon) where we'll carry on like the dysfunctional family that we are. Lots more fun to come! Anyway, welcome and enjoy!

Still coming soon!

Aaand, we're back. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and new year. We're working hard to get this thing together, so you may see our site a mess as we work the templates. Excuse our mess. We'll be up before you know it. Thanks for visiting and see you soon!