2B LIN!!

Got Linsanity?  Are you jumping on the Jeremy Lin bandwagon?  Are you just proud of the Asian brother?  We here at 2Bs are guilty of all three!  So much so that we just had to put out a custom 2B Lin design. 

Are you going to the game and want a shirt that will stand out from the thousands of Lin jerseys?  Wanna show your support, but can't find a jersey or don't want to wear a jersey like a wanna be baller?  Or better yet, you want a unique shirt to show your excitement for the underdog rippin it up in the NBA?

This is the shirt you want.  We have them in black or white.  Just shoot us an email to wachuwant@my2bs.com and we'll set you up with one of these Lin-tastic shirts.  Yeah, we said it.  Lin-tastic!  Just so proud of the guy. 

Here's a closer look at the design.  The design is also available as a print and on other products.  Just email us for details.