2010 Comic Con 2B shirts

Comic Con was insane. The craziest thing we did there was wait in a huge line to get a ticket to get in another line... That's crazy, right? At least we got our exclusive Transformer out of it. :) Well, here are the 2B shirts that were worn at Comic Con this year.

Yep, that's me... thinking of myself... in a super hero outfit. Hell's yeah!!

We've been wanting to make a logo shirt for while now. Figured this was as good a time as any other. BAM! Logo shirt. The letters have a pattern of characters tossed within them.

And, of course, single character shirt. 2B Batman.

2B shirts for the Con

Sneak peek revealed! Out of respect for the man that had so much to do with creating so many of our favorite super heroes, we designed 2B Stan to walk SDCC with. And, of course, some of his most popular characters are in his thought bubble.

Those that got a good look at it asked about it. Some were even awesome artists. Niiice!

2B at Comic Con!

We were wondering around aimlessly in Comic Con because it was our first time there. Totally overwhelmed by the insanity of the whole situation. BAM!! We came across someone sporting our 2B Ninjy! Didn't expect it at all.

Woot! 2B representin at the 2010 SDCC!!

Sneak Peek!

2B will be at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) this year... well not representing at a booth. But, we will be there in person checking out the comic book craziness and do a little/a lot of geeking out ourselves. Here's a little sneak peek to one of the designs we'll be wearing.

To those that are comic book fans, this design will be very obvious. There are actually six characters in the thought bubble. It just had to be done. If you see us at SDCC, say hi!