Full custom 2B

Here's a full custom 2B design we created for Matt. Custom character and thought bubble item.

I think Matt enjoys himself some vacationing. Enjoy!

Fully Custom 2B!

This is a fully custom piece we designed for a couple that just got themselves happily hitched.

Yes, we actually gave them smiley eyes. We usually avoid using smiley eyes because our character are supposed to have a neutral feel, but a neutral feel didn't seem right for this occasion. So, smiley eyes it was.

Congrats Vanessa and Justin! May smiley eyes be your base expression in your marriage!

Calvin and Hobbes!

I was informed about this little Calvin and Hobbes art contest. It was held by this blog Super Punch (love the name). This was a last minute project because I didn't know about it in previous minutes...

So, this is the result of a intense 2b mind ephing. Out popped 2B Calvin and Hobbes. Enjoy!