More 2B Cubee

As promised, here are a couple shots of the Cubee we did for the Cubeecraft show.

I did a little Bruce action. Simplified the Cubeecraft's structure to better resemble the form of a 2B. Basically, took off the arms and legs. Then, not having worked in paper before, began figuring how things fit.

At first I had him barefoot. But, after taking a closer look, I realized he had yellow sneaks on. It was last minute, but I had to make the fix. Just couldn't leave Bruce shoeless. I didn't make them exact, but close enough.

For the final touch, I followed Chris' recommendation, and left off the bottom for a more stable stance and added a little 2B extra on the bottom. There you have it. The first 2B Cubee!

Thanks to Cubeecraft and Chris for letting us take part!