2B Full Custom DIecut Stickers

This time we made a nice couple and their fluffy doggie.

This is the first time we've done a fluffy dog.  He came out nicely fluffy.

Full Custom Sticker

Here's a full custom die-cut sticker...or rather a pack of them.  I believe these were ordered as a thank you gift.  A pretty nice thank you gift if I do say so myself.

Custom 2B day planner

This was a first for us.  This customer's fiance likes day planners, so he wanted to get one with their images on it.  He found the site that made planners with custom covers.

This was our first time working with this online company.  Their ordering process was a bit messy.  Unlike other custom sites that we've worked with, they didn't offer an option to adjust our image on the cover.  That was a bit worrisome.  We just had to set up the file for the proportions the customer wanted and hoped the cover came out at the same settings.  We aren't comfortable with the lack of control over image details on our custom orders, but this is what it came down to.  In the end, the planner came out as the customer wanted.  Success!!  

WASD showing 2Bs some love

German dudes contacted us a little while back asking to use some 2B designs in their award winning gaming magazine.  Of course, I thought it was some joke or someone just trying mooch some designs.  Did a quick internet stalking and realized they were legit. Here is the result.  

It was a nice little bookazine.  We have no idea what it says since it's all in German, but we were told that it's in a good light.  Either way, it was a nice quality print.  2Bs have invaded Germany!  

Merry Holidays!

Hope you all are enjoying this holiday season.  Family time.  Food time. Travel time.  Play with new toy time. Enjoy all the times.

2B Kanye

Here you see the 2B Kanye.

A fan of Kanye West's is also a fan of 2Bs and this is what happened. 

Full custom 2B stickers

Yep, we make other things too.  This was a fun project.  We made full custom designs of a lovely couple and had the designs made into diecut stickers.  

Stickers aren't one of our usual products, but we were able to find a site that did custom diecut stickers.  These came out better than we expected.  The colors looked great.  The sticker is a nice quality.  Supposedly, weather proof...might have to test that out... Anyway, this was a wedding gift.  We think these are better than some store bought salad bowl any day...but we might be biased...or maybe just speaking the truth.  

If you want a 2B on items that we don't offer, just let us know.  If you can find a source to make the custom item that you want, we'll make it happen.  

2B Custom Tees

Here's a recent custom order we did.  

Customs are where you pick a existing design and change the features to fit your needs.  For example, this 2B customer picked one of our character designs and didn't want hair on it.  Bald 2B.  Done!  

2B couples

Here's a piece we did recently for a customer that wanted a unique wedding gift.  

Full custom 2B designs of the couple with thought bubbles of the other.  Congrats to the lovely couple!  

With full custom orders we also give low rez versions of the designs for the customer's social media needs.  So if you're one of those couples that needs to force everyone to witness your love, why not do it in 2B style?  

Happy burfday, Amuuurca!

Made a little something for the 4th.  
To see the full piece visit out Facebook page.  www.facebook.com/2bnation

2B Bunny Suit

Hope you all had a nice Easter Sunday.  And, for those that don't celebrate Easter, hope you had a nice bunny laced Sunday.

Here you see the 2B Easter design in all its vector goodness.  For the thought bubble it was either a decorated egg of a Peep.  As you can see, the Peep won out.  Gotta admit, the Peep wasn't as easy to build as I thought it would be.  It kept on coming out looking like a yellow pile of poo...I still think it looks like a pile of poo...but that is what Peeps look like.  If you haven't seen the finished image, check it out at the 2B Facebook page

Happy St. Paddy's Day to all!

This is a lil piece we did for Saint Patrick's Day.  This is a little sneak peek behind the scenes of how the designs are made. 

What you see here is the build of the design.  Those little points are the vector points that make up the design.  Go to our 2B Facebook page to see the finished piece. 

2B Lopez!

Dude!  George Lopez uses his 2B as his Twitter pic!  A friend of ours informed us of this super cool happening.  

We sent Mr. Lopez a custom shirt back when he had his show to show our appreciation for his comedic stylings.  We never knew if it actually got to the man himself.  It's great to see that not only did he get it, but he actually likes it enough use it to represent him on Twitter.  

Mr. GLo, if you're reading this and would like some more 2Bness in your life, have your people contact our people...and by "our people" I mean just email us.  Glad you liked your 2B!

Gong Hey Faht Choy ya'll!

Happy Chinese new year ya'll!  Year of the black water snake.

May the year of the snake bring you good health, great fortune, and happiness!
We made our first 2B with a hijab. 
Never thought of the headscarf before for a 2B.  Thanks Zainab!